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Services, IT Projects & IT Hardware & Software Sales

Pinnacle IT Pro Solutions was established in 2009. Since then we have grown from strength to strength. We are very passionate about website design and IT Technology and the way we marketing IT and that is why we can provide our customers with unique website designs and IT professional service. We are here to provide complete IT Technology solutions to the Home, Business markets throughout South Africa and Africa. We focus on customer service with providing online and land base services, getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Our focus is on: 

  1. Social Media Manager – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr
  2. IT Technology Projects Solutions
  3. Training – CAPM, PMP, Agile
  4. Mobile Development Application for iOS, Android,
  5. Hardware and Software
  6. CCTV & Roboguard Full Solution for home and Business alarm system
  7. Xbox and games
  8. Cellphone and prepaid airtime system

Our primary objective is to match the right technology with your business goals while working within your budget. We want to save you money, time and frustration! Our community We at Pinnacle IT Pro Solutions work with the community around us. We speak with schools and find out which children cannot afford to study further and see where we can assist the student. All also supply food parcel to family in need as they wait for their grant for the Government. We also help the elder with they require some home repairs on their homes and make sure that they are safe at all times. social-media-manager-1

Social Media Network

We at Pinnacle IT Pro Solutions have got own Social Manager Team. Our team focus on helping the unemployment, become employment by using our Social Media Network Manager skills get them employment by using the Social Media Network and working with Recruitment Agents. We use the following Social Media Network for our unemployment clients on the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, linking their career portfolio to these media and the Recruitment Agents that have join our Group get to see their portfolio first hand. Social media networks are a major resource for both small and big businesses that are looking to promote their brands on the Internet. the platforms are easy to use and some of them even have paid advertising options for businesses that want to reach new audiences. However, just because your business needs to be on these platforms doesn’t mean that it has to be on every other social media site. To properly utilize the power of social media you need to know the most popular social media sites and identify the ones that work best for your business to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

 facebook  twitter   youtube   linkedin  pinterest  google-plus   instagram


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android-apps Mobile Development Application Our focus is provides services that let you focus your development time on your application, not on your infrastructure. Build your app for Android, iOS, and the mobile web on services that will reliably scale as your app grows. We are Agile! 5-agile-development-practices Scale Fast: The scalability of Google Cloud Platform has powered thousands of mobile applications to deliver millions of customers’ incredible experiences. This capacity to handle explosive growth can be the difference between a big splash and a big crash. Innovation: Let Google worry about database administration, server configuration, sharing and load balancing. With Traffic Splitting, you can A/B test different live versions of your mobile app potentially avoiding download marketplace updates. Powerful Developer Tools: Easily support rich and sophisticated features in your mobile application by taking advantage of our mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS. These support not only cloud platform APIs such as the Fire-base real-time data service, but other Google services such as Google Maps and Google Drive.


When it comes to trainingwe are dealing with people who have their own style of learning. As a trainer, it’s vital you have the skills to effectively … When it comes to training, we are dealing with people who have their own style of learning. As a trainer, it’s vital you have the skills to effectively train others. Whether it’s customers, your own team or employees, your ability to effectively train others lies in your knowledge and ability to teach others and empower their own learning. With more and more companies investing huge amounts of time, money and effort into developing training for teams, customers, and employees,has developed the right mix of rich content to powerfully present in our workshops. Speak to us today.. and Book your seat for 2019.

Web Design Solutions

web-designing Our focus is also on Website Design our platforms we specialize in are Joomla / WordPress and Web Hosting. Our head office are based in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa.  We also have our Designers & Technical support team partners throughout South Africa. Our primary objective is to work closely with our clients on each project to create not only an amazing design that will help the business grow, but to create a long term relationship of trust and caring. We are a highly focused and driven team that focuses on design projects that we are passionate about working on. Our key focus is on creating amazing websites for mobile, usable mobile app designs, and highly recognizable logos and brand identity. We invite you to contact us with any questions you have regarding how we work, and to see if our skill sets are a good match for your project. Web Design Our web designers have experience developing both e-commerce and portal websites. Our technical and graphic expertise coupled with search engine optimization skills is the perfect blend needed to make your online business profitable.  Using the latest software applications and hardware products we can develop a wide range of web sites for personal and business customers. Our customers benefit from having all their internet requirements in-house in which we offer ongoing after-sales and support services for the life of the service. You ask yourself the following question: Why would my business need a Website? The first and foremost answer is: To establish a presence. Close to 1.2 Billion people world-wide have access to the World Wide Web? No matter what your business is you can’t ignore 1.2 billion people. Even if you just conduct business within your community, you want to let people in that community knows that you are interested in serving them in any way possible. If you don’t, your competitors will. The next good reason to put your business on the web is: to network. A lot of what passes for business is nothing more than making connections with other people. Every smart business-person knows; it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Passing out your business card is part of every good meeting and every business-person can tell more than one story how a chance meeting turned into a big deal. What if you could pass out your business card to thousands, maybe millions of potential clients? You can do this in 24 hours a day, inexpensively and simply, on the internet. You can also make business information available to everyone who wants it without any additional effort. You can give them an answer to questions like: What are your hours? What do you do? How can someone contact you? Where are you located? What are today’s specials? If you could keep your customers informed of every reason why they should do business with you, don’t you think you could do more business? You can on the internet. There are even restaurants in some areas taking lunch orders over the internet. In this short space we have just lightly touched on the number of reasons to put your business on the web. The following are some more good reasons for getting your web site today.

  • To serve your customers!
  • To heighten public interest
  • To release Time Sensitive Material
  • To sell things!
  • To reach a highly desirable demographic market
  • To answer frequently asked questions
  • To stay in contact with sales people
  • To open international markets
  • To create 24 hour customer service
  • To allow feedback from customers
  • To reach the media
  • To reach the education and youth market
  • To reach any specialized market!

Many companies are placing their entire catalog of products on-line, and some have built elaborate database driven web applications that help web surfers buy their products and services and pay for them online. SOLO Enterprises can setup an e-commerce site for you, and your customers can pay by check or credit card. We make the whole process of getting your business on the web simple and easy! Why pay for more when you can get more and pay less for advertising! We use WordPress application a CMS. What is WordPress? WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 25 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call “home” — we’d love you to join the family. What’s a content management system (CMS)? A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Website; much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don’t have to. What are some real world examples of what WordPress! Can do? Joomla is used all over the world to power Web sites of all shapes and sizes. For example:

  • Corporate Web sites or portals
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Government applications
  • Small business Web sites
  • Non-profit and organizational Web sites
  • Community-based portals
  • School and church Web sites
  • Personal or family homepages

  Take Action: Get a website for your business today! With Excellent Service and Delivery Time, a Pinnacle IT Pro Solution website design is the right choice for you.

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